A fire and other trauma leave young Bobbin Derby with a blank memory and no apparent family. She is raised in an orphanage. Despite adversity, she is precocious, reading everything she can find. Her sweet, infectious nature wins friends, benefactors, and unexpected opportunities. Over time, she deals with her troubled past, rises in society, inherits a book shop, lands a good marriage, and even finds her long lost ... She grows into a lovely humanitarian, and lifts up all those around her.

“A tear jerker. Touches the heart many times over. Inspiring and full of insights. A must read. I loved this one of Kennedy’s
... and have read all of her wonderful books.”
William Miller

“A sweet and inspiring story of growth and the uplifting of the downtrodden ... I loved it. Kennedy is a superb writer in this genre of historical British fiction ... she follows the morals and manners of the day. Yes, I recommend this book.”
Brenda Norquist, BS Education

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